Speak Up

We are an Egyptian feminist initiative, initially founded in July 2020, against sexual harassment and violence in all its forms.
The initiative main role is to:

1. raise awareness

2. Support victims.

3. Provide legal and psychological support for free.

4. Receive testimonies from survivors, and share them with the public.

We have expanded into a myriad of issues and causes all gender-related, and have been a direct cause of female-empowerment and women rights’ legislations being issued by the Egyptian parliament. In addition to that, we have initiated various campaigns against harassers and rapists, many of which have gone viral, and eventually resulted in their arrest and accountability.

We strive to provide the support and solidarity needed for violence victims, and push the lawmakers into issuing legislations that ensure a safe, violence-free community where women can thrive.

A safe community, free of gender-based violence in all its forms, where women are empowered to speak up for themselves and not be shamed by their societies.

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