Advocating for amendments in the Egyptian law

Speak Up advocated with Tadwein For Gender Studies for amendments in the Egyptian law that criminalized Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). The suggested amendments were accepted and adopted by the Egyptian House of Representatives in March 2021. In April 2021, Egyptian President ratified the new amendments to Penal Code on FGM.

Provision of free sanitry pads

Speak up started a campaign about the necessity of provision of sanitary pads in bathrooms in workplaces, schools, restaurants and cafés; Because they are basic needs, not luxuries, just as wipes and soap. After the campaign, free sanitary pads to over 20 governmental schools and 6 restaurants.

The Brazilian Harasser

Speak Up worked with Brazilian activists on a joint campaign in Arabic, English, and Portuguese calling for the arrest of the Brazilian doctor accused of sexual harassment in Egypt. In less than 24 hours the doctor was arrested, publicly apologized, and was deported to Brazil.

Michael Fahmy

Serial rapist who used to rape minors for over 20 years, In November 2021 he was sentenced to a lifetime prison after a campaign continued for over a year and half. Pope Tawadros II talking about Michael Fahmy and his wife Victims stories